Automatic Doors Ottawa

Automatic Doors Ottawa installed by Al Parsons Electronics Ltd work safely, quietly, economically, reliably and in a precise manner for years beyond expectation, due to perfect installation and maintainance by our factory trained staff. Please call  613.798.4444 to get your free quote for Automatic Door Ottawa.

Automatic Doors Ottawa

Our staff is continuously in training for industry’s best installation standards and procedures, so our automatic door installations perform exceedingly well in even the most demanding environments. Please call us at 613.798.4444 to get your free quote for Automatic Door Ottawa.

Automatic Doors for all needs

Sliding Door Swing Door Revolving Door Ottawa Folding Door
Sliding Doors
The classic among Automatic Doors
Swing Doors
Practical doors for great convenience
Revolving Doors
For prestigious buildings
Folding Doors
For space spacing

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Automatic Sliding Door

Left or right opening can have opening width 800 to 2000 mm.
When opening is to both side, the opening width may be 1100 to 3000 mm.


Swing Door


Revolving Door


Folding Door

 Opening width 800 to 1400 mm, with a minimum built-in width of 1060 to 1660 mm

Why choose Tormax Automatic Doors in Ottawa -

  • Advanced Technology and Long life – Swiss engineered for precision and reliable operation for an unbelievably long time.
  • Reliable Operation.
  • Minimal servicing needs. Almost no downtime.
  • iMotion Technology for safe, secure operation in varied conditions.
  • Economical operation - Tormax automatic doors are energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly by design.
  • One of the lowest long term running costs in the industry.
  • Custom automatic doors possible.

Why Choose Al Parsons Electronics Ltd. for installation and maintenance of Automatic doors in Ottawa -

  • Tormax authorised dealer – You get full product warranties and correct consultancy on product choice.
  • Tormax trained staff -  In-depth product knowledge and continuous update on best installation and maintenance procedures
  • Years of Experience – Al Parsons is in business since 1948.
  • Industry Expertise - We are specialist in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Automatic Door Installations and Maintenance.
  • Perfect installation and maintenance – Smooth installations and continuous trouble free operation is assured when you use our knowledgeable preventive maintenance programs.
  • Lowest downtimes, if service required - We respond fast and our service technicians are renowned for their efficiency and expertise.
  • 24×7 emergency repair service available.
  • BBB A+ Accredited and member of International Doors Association.
  • Consumer Choice Award winner in 2012 - Our customers are all praises for us.

Consumer Choice Award 2012

Call 613.798.4444 now to comfortably discuss your requirement and get a free quotation from Automatic Door Expert in Ottawa.

Tormax Ottawa

Tormax Ottawa – Al Parsons is authorised dealer of Tormax in Ottawa.

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Please call 613.798.4444 to get free quote on installation of Tormax Automatic Doors Ottawa.