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We sale and service full range of Loading Dock Equipments including Dock Levelers, Vehicle Restraints, Dock Seals, Shelters and Material Handling Solutions in Ottawa.

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Mechanical Dock Leveler Ottawa


Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock Seals Ottawa

Truck Seals for economical air tight seal between your building and trailers up to 10′ high or where truck height varies. We have many models. Please call (613) 798-4444

Dock Shelters Ottawa

Dock Shelters provide air tight passage way from the loading dock to the truck. These shelters are ideally suited where doorways are larger in size; up to 10′ wide X 10′ high. These shelters differ from compression type seals as they form a seal even if a truck is not positioned properly at the dock.

Inflatable seals and shelters

These seal and shelters accommodate trailers of varying heights, eliminating the wear and tear that exists on conventional seals and shelters as inflatable units make contact with the truck once it is stationary at the dock. Model V-1024 can seal perfectly even if the trailer is off center, jack-knifed or on a sloped approach. Our different models have different capabilities. Please call us at (613) 798-4444 to get free quote.

Al-Parsons Ottawa installs Super Seal Dock seals in Ottawa. Please call (613) 798-4444 for free quote.

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